5 Amazing Photo Apps You Need!

5 Amazing Photo Apps You Need!


Cost: Free

Link to App

App Overview: VSCO is one of the simplest and best ways to edit your photos from your phone. VSCO offers many different variations of film like filters that you can apply to your images. VSCO was founded by Greg Lutze and Joel Flory in 2011 and has since dominated the mobile editing space. VSCO offers a pro subscription and a free version. The pro version allows you to unlock all VSCO filters as well as having the capability to edit videos using their filters, which is a new feature they added within the past couple of years. The app offers advanced editing tools including HSL control which allows you to have full control over individual colors hue, saturation, and luminance. Overall VSCO is an amazing app that we would recommend to anyone.

2. Lightroom Mobile

Cost: Free (Mobile App) + $9.99 (Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription) BOTH REQUIRED

Link to App

Creative Cloud Link

App Overview: Lightroom Mobile allows you to view, edit, and download your photos from your Lightroom catalog anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Lightroom Mobile does require you to have a creative cloud subscription which is $9.99 a month. Although Lightroom is a bit more costly it is by far the most powerful editing tool out of the 5 we chose. Lightroom allows you to have full control over how you want your images to look. Lightroom is also compatible with our PRESETS.

3. Huji Cam

Cost: Free

Link to App

App Overview: Huji Cam is one of our favorite apps to shoot mobile photos with. Using Huji Cam allows you to shoot amazing film like photos straight from your phone. Just shoot away and Huji Cam develops your photos into a beautiful film photo. This app is extremely fun to use but is not the most user-friendly and lacks different kinds of film.

4. Glitché

Cost: .99 Cents

Link to App

App Overview: Glitché is a popular photo editing tool that has been used by some of the biggest celebrities and brands including the Kardashians and Nike. Glitché allows you to do all sorts of manipulation to your photo as well as create gifs of your photos. Overall the app is very fun to use but is not always a practical editing app.

5. Muse Cam

Cost: Free

Link to App

App Overview: Muse Cam is one of our favorite editing apps currently. Muse Cam was started by well-known content creator @g from Los Angeles, California. Muse Cam offers powerful presets and tools that are built into its seamless user-friendly interface. The app is Overall a great tool to have in your back pocket.



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