5 Urban Photographers You Should Be Following - August 2018

5 Urban Photographers You Should Be Following - August 2018

1. @Paulclark

Location: San Fransisco, California 

Bio: Hey everyone, My name is Paul Clark and I am a photographer located in the Bay Area of California. I began my journey with photography in May 2017, mostly because I needed a creative outlet and wanted to try something that I had no previous experience with. 

I have always shot with Sony and I currently shoot with the Sony a7rii with my favorite lens being the Sony 24-70 2.8 GM. I also have the DJI Mavic Pro, which has been one of the coolest things I have ever gotten because it has allowed me to see perspectives and angles that I otherwise would never be able to see. I hope that I am able to inspire others through my photography to stop talking/thinking about doing something and just go out and do it. It was important for me to accept at the beginning that I was not going to be perfect, but I knew that I was only going to improve if I kept working hard at it and learning as much as I could.

2. @Dyph3n

Location: Paris, France

Bio: Hey guys, I'm Dyphen, I am an underground explorer based in Paris, France. My passion for exploring the subway began a year ago when I came across some photos taken in the tunnels. I quickly became extremely interested and would spend 4 to 5 nights a week always on the grind to achieve new goals.

I now shoot with a Sony A7R3 to quickly capture lowlight moments without always needing a tripod. My photography passion has become an addiction and a need for me to discover everything there is to know about the metro system.

3. @Clarence.db

Location: Montreal, CA

Bio: My name is Clarence, I’m a 17 year old photographer from Montreal, CA. I’ve always been interested in photography but seeing other people’s work is what really motivated me to start creating my own a little more than a year ago.

Since I’m not living in the most exciting environment for urban landscapes, I try to push my creative boundaries by capturing people in exceptional situations, often under unusual weather conditions that create a unique atmosphere in the city. I don’t believe that gear matters all that much for my style of photography, that’s why I’m still using my good old Canon T3i.

4. @Vinc3___

Location: San Fransisco, California

Bio: Hi my name is Vince Mai, I am a San Francisco based photographer originally from Southern California. I have always enjoyed producing art from a young age including many different varieties of art. I fuel my desire to create and collaborate through photography and Instagram. My current gear setup is the Sony A6300 with 12mm, 24mm, and 16-70mm lenses. I aim to create photographs that inspire others to get out of their comfort zones and express themselves uniquely.

 5. @Nicholasku_

Location: Hong Kong, China
Bio: Hello Everyone! I’m Nicholas Ku, A freelance photographer based in Hong Kong specializing in travel, landscapes, and portrait photography. When I was young, I loved collecting postcards from my friends hoping one day my photos could become the cover of the postcards. That’s why I started taking photos in 2016. I enjoy spending time with my friends and exploring the city. I love to travel with my Canon 6D Mark II and DJI Mavic Pro. 


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